The Base

Welcome to the base!

Benelux Base is one of many chapters in the world-wide Rebel Legion family.
An organisation dedicated to and composed of enthusiasts of the Star Wars Universe and it's costuming.

A Bit of History ...

As many stories begin, ours also started with people. People with an interest, passion, for the Star War Universe.
The original founders were members of a local fanclub, but they wanted to take it up a notch ... by going into character with a costume!
A few conventions and events were attended in their new costumes. It was an enormous amount of fun, and the crowd reactions made it a real blast.
A bit of further research was needed to improve the costumes and look for kindred spirits.
During this research, one of us found the Rebel Legion website and found out that at that very moment there was no official representation for Belgium.
After carefully reading the charter, regulations and several inquiries with the LCO (Legion Commanding Officer) we all decided to enlist into Rebel Legion.

Enlisting was only the first step into a bigger story.
After some talk between the first members we decided to file the needed paperwork to get a new Outpost going. In October 2006, we were proud to present the newly found Belgian Outpost!
This wasn't the end of our legacy of course. With the increase in members came the official change from Outpost to Base status, marking February 2007 as the start of our Chapter.
While we kept things running, we were also getting inquiries from our Northern neighbours in the Netherlands.
Our current Base only allowed for Belgian residents to officially join, which was a small issue.

More members is more fun, so we wanted to allow our Dutch friends to be able to join.
At that moment we requested an expansion of our territory with Rebel Legion to include the Netherlands and Luxembourg.
Approval followed shortly, giving the Benelux Base it's current name, enveloping Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.
Dutch friends now had the opportunity to enlist as Rebels under the Rebel Legion flag.

Today ...

... the base still has the same goals as the founders intended: getting together, having fun and getting the Rebel Legion name out there with quality costuming (and costume-related propbuilding).
We do events of all kinds: large annual conventions like F.A.C.T.S. (Ghent, Belgium), Elf Fantasy Fair (Arcen, Netherlands), Antwerp Convention (Antwerp, Belgium) but also smaller events that are just starting out!
Next to those public appearances to give people the Star Wars feeling, we also try to help out charitable causes where possible like rallying funds or attending events to entertain kids.

Being part of Rebel Legion ensures our audience the best quality out there. This due to costume judging world-wide according to the latest guidelines based upon the movies and official source material.
Through the years the base has also acquired certain in-house expertise such as saberbuilding and leather-handling (belts and such).
Since we try to bring out the best, we encourage people to keep improving by advising and offering tips and tricks.
The base is completely based on volunteers. So if you are interested in joining us, do not hesitate to contact us, or visit our booth at an event.

Again, we welcome you to Star Wars, Rebel Legion and the Benelux Base